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It’s really not that difficult to be happy.

A day in Shenzen, eat, shop and drink. You think that; “Oh, you are showing off. You rich, you don’t have to work."

But you are wrong, I don’t have a full time job, and I am not rich. But see, 5 dollars a bowl of yummy noodle including brunchs of vegetables, 4 dollars a chicken wing…. you can eat eat eat, and found that you only spend 10 to 15 dollars. Where can you do it? It’s it worth to celebrate to eat more, I did, I ate two bowl of noodle with 6 difference kind of vegetables and little dishes.

Shoping in a shop of 2 dollars per item, what can you do with 2 dollars? But the shop does has something to offer. So, 20 dollars I brought a full bag of goods to make me feel good.

Yes, just want to tell you that I have had a very good day in Shenzen today.

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