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Long time ago, I was a broke poor mature student, she was a takeaway cashier. we got know of each others because of one of our so called friend.

It was my first university’s summar holiday, I went to America to look for summer job. I knew Kitty not for long, she was not only showed me how New York is whenever she has time off from her takeaway job, she even offer a helping hand on my finance….

For someone like her I could never forget, but Kitty is not a woman who could settled in one address, she moved around with her new jobs and we lost contact.

How are you doing now? Kitty. I really want to find you, you used to lived in Queens at the time we know each others…..

Kitty is an American born Taiwanese Chinese, has an University degree in accounting but work in Chinese takeaway. You were not only helped me at that time, you were helping one of my friend too, let her stay in your place and introduce her jobs.

Kitty, or if any body know someone you might think that she is the Kitty I am looking for, please give me a comment here or advice me how to search a person in that huge America?

Most appricate

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It’s really not that difficult to be happy.

A day in Shenzen, eat, shop and drink. You think that; “Oh, you are showing off. You rich, you don’t have to work."

But you are wrong, I don’t have a full time job, and I am not rich. But see, 5 dollars a bowl of yummy noodle including brunchs of vegetables, 4 dollars a chicken wing…. you can eat eat eat, and found that you only spend 10 to 15 dollars. Where can you do it? It’s it worth to celebrate to eat more, I did, I ate two bowl of noodle with 6 difference kind of vegetables and little dishes.

Shoping in a shop of 2 dollars per item, what can you do with 2 dollars? But the shop does has something to offer. So, 20 dollars I brought a full bag of goods to make me feel good.

Yes, just want to tell you that I have had a very good day in Shenzen today.

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